5 Reasons backlink management tools Is A Waste Of Time

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There are some simple reasons. That’s mostly because you get a fully featured SEO software suite AND Google Ads software for the same monthly price. Overall, there are the following plans. Sitechecker also allows users to see which websites are linking to their website and how much traffic they are receiving as a result. Raven Tools allows you to identify who links to your competitors. Google uses a complex algorithm called PageRank to determine how websites should be ranked in search results. Kerboo’s service is so intricate that you’re effectively able to stalk and scrutinise every new link your competitor sites gain – in short, it’s a really nifty tool, which goes some way to explaining why it was a winner at the 2014 and 2015 UK Search Awards for ‘Best SEO Software. There were also several smaller additions such as automatic scheduling for recurring reports. Moz’s DA is determined by a variety of factors, but one of the most critical is your backlink profile. Start improving your SEO performance right away. Majestic provides businesses with link intelligence data to help them dominate their market. You can also check the quality of backlinks, referring domains, top linking countries, and backlink distribution by top level domains.

5 Problems Everyone Has With backlink management tools – How To Solved Them

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This tool will provide you with all the necessary data to assess the link profile health of any website in a convenient and easy to grasp format. See how your pages perform in SERP features at the keyword level to uncover additional optimization opportunities. Serpstat also shows you the search traffic of the sites. Semrush gives you a ton of different metrics to refine the data. All you have to do is to check if your backlinks have enough engagements on different social media platforms. The more endorsements your company gets from authoritative sources, the higher your site ranks, and the more people will trust and identify click here your brand. MonitorBacklinks is a specialized link building tool with a number of useful link monitoring features. Need help with Skyscraper Content. It is your decision as to which tool fits your best needs. Interested users on the other site will click your link and visit your page, meaning you’ll see increased traffic. You can save 20% if you pay annually.


Wide range of specialized keyword research tools. It is a group of different type links that are referring to your website and increasing page authority. You may also be interested in working with an SEO company if you’re looking for a marketing partnership rather than standalone software. If you want to get more results, the paid tool starts at $25. RedirectedNotFound: Occasionally used to indicate that the linked page has been deleted, but its URL is redirected. Step 5: Click on the “Referring Domains” tab to get more details on websites linking out to the analyzed website. With this tool, you can find out all the ins and outs of a link. By doing so, you can identify any changes in the quality or quantity of backlinks pointing to your website. Sitechecker offers three pricing plans: Basic for $33 per month, Standard for $124, and Premium for $208 per month. Faster loading pages lead to better user experience, which helps conversions and lowers bounce rates. You’ll be able to check the keywords and phrases you can apply to your website for better traffic. You should always check backlinks manually or use a tool that will send you regular reports.

Understanding the Importance of Backlinks

This will prevent Google click here Analytics from auditing the harmful links. There’s a good chance that they’ll share the link with their followers, driving more traffic to your site. One major thing to progressing online business is to continuously observe monitor backlinks of your website and competitor’s sites too. Once you give the URLs then you can choose the data that you want the URL profiler to extract from those URLs. You can even link up an email address with SEMrush and send outreach emails within the platform. All in all, for those managing large projects and teams on backlink management, this backlink monitoring tool is the optimal choice. Forbes Advisor’s pick for the best local SEO tool is BrightLocal. Our monetization expertsare happy to help.

Why is backlinks monitoring necessary?

Ranktracker is really easy to use, great UX/UI and it has unlimited domains and awesome automated reports so I feel this tool is going to be amazing to help me grow my newbie agency. You create your account by logging in with your Gmail, then Google’s prompts walk you through set up. Backlinking isn’t always easy, but monitoring backlinks will reduce the amount of trial and error and help get you stronger backlinks in no time. This solution will allow you to automate your backlink campaign with cold outreach and anchor text suggestions. Remember, there are a broad range of features that can help people manage their backlinks. Enter the URL of the website you want to check and click on the “SEE BACKLINKS” button.

How it works

Plans start at $39/month billed annually. Its UI is simply excellent and intuitive. You can see all of your backlinks in one place and with Zutrix’s ultimate filter, you can sort them in every aspect based on your needs. It displays the total number of backlinks, domain score, anchor text, and referring domains for any website, including competitors. Additionally, Linkio provides access to keyword tracking and anchor text suggestion tools. “What I appreciate most about Semrush is that it covers all areas of search with its tools, so I can have a 360 degree view of my projects. SEMrush literally has a feature called “Link Building Tool”. Competitor backlink analysis for a deeper understanding of the competition’s backlink profile and potential link building opportunities. These challenges included inaccessible data formats and limited flexibility in displaying data in dashboards. Moz has infused their vast SEO know how into the Open Site Explorer. Another feature to look out for is the rating of sites that a backlink monitor can provide. Furthermore, if the text surrounding a link is relevant to the topic of the linked page, this can positively impact your rankings. Check URLs and domains in bulk before link building to save time and money. Do you have any experience with any of the mentioned tools.

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It is typically used in comment fields and in forums. Import Links via a comma delimited file. Use the backlink checking feature or import valuable incoming links you’ve built manually or found in GSC, Ahrefs, etc. Firstly, it needs to be noted that this is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive and effective backlink management application out there and, makes it really easy to identify and get rid of any dastardly links and to pinpoint lost links. How do I get backlinks. I just want to briefly go over two of the main points from above, because they’re extremely important, particularly for people new to SEO and blogging. Using the best SEO practices will drive traffic to a company’s website and help increase conversion rates and revenue. From the dropdown menu, you can either disavow the link or the entire domain. Moz again won this round. The Link Intersect feature is one of our favorites and really helps with link building.


Here are the best tools in this part. Weaker SEO means fewer organic visitors. Backlink anchor text — Analyze anchor texts to see how your competitors optimize their backlink profiles. Start using LinkChecker today and learn in practice. Rank in the SERP’s Top 10. You can also use Diib’s keyword explorer to look for new keyword ideas for articles and blogs. As the name suggests, Monitor Backlinks has a pretty darn good backlink strategy management system.

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Users can easily flag unwanted backlinks, which helps to improve the overall health and quality of the backlink profile. Raven works out to be a time saving ally to your team. Here’s a list of the top 16 backlink analysis tools that you can’t miss out on. So in all: Excellent product/service. Let’s hop on a call and talk about what we can do to help. © 2023 By Desire Marketing. With this feature, users just have to enter the domains and select the types of keyword rankings—organic, paid, product listing ad PLA to analyze the common keywords shared by the sites, top keyword opportunities, and total keyword overlap. Use the backlink checking feature or import valuable incoming links you’ve built manually or found in GSC, Ahrefs, etc.

Key Features

It can help you discover “manipulative” and “unnatural” links, that could cause problems in your current or future ranking. Thanks so much for offering this helpful tool. The toxic backlink checker tool allows users to check domain and page level metric information for a specific url and identify any toxic links or poor quality links in their own backlink profile. Finally, the backlink should be from a website that is not spammy or full of ads. It also offers other SEO software to run your SEO campaign with ease. Pricing: $14 $139 per month. Hopefully this helped answer your question about the 3 types of backlinks. For a comprehensive SEO site audit, you can also choose between multiple tools such as Seobility. Open Link Profiler works the way a lot of the other tools do.


Has rank tracker, keyword research, backlink analysis, link prospecting tools, tracker of competitors’ backlink strategies. Io will then scour the web for the corresponding contact information i. With helpful recommendations on getting quality internal links, you can boost your site’s visibility and the time visitors spend on your site. Your backlinks pass through a comprehensive check for each potential changes, for every three days. SERanking is a great help for my daily work indeed. Or perhaps you need to understand whether your expenses on writing quality guest posts are paying off. Linkody simplifies tracking your link building campaigns with some of the top features.


Reach and engage the intended audiences. You need a backlink monitor to keep track of the state of each backlink. For all inbound links, you can check their PA, DA, number of linking domains, spam score, and other details. Ahrefs: Trusted by millions, this is one of the must have tools for backlink research. If they switch to a different CMS, correct the article with your link, or make some other adjustments, your backlink may become dead and return a 404 error. It can also specify the exact type of news site, whether it’s local, broadcast or network news, or online newspapers. Learn how you can use this information to build your own backlinks with our guide on competitor backlinks. The answers will help you make the right choice that will amplify your efforts and won’t strain your budget. It is helpful to monitor backlinks using this source so that you could know what your competitors know about your reciprocal links, as most specialists use it for backlink monitoring. Error 500 may occur in this case, you can wait and contact the site if the problem is not resolved within a few days. All you need to do is 1 click the checkbox by the backlink in question and 2 click the “Recheck” button in the toolbar.


Top linked pages internal: This section displays the pages on your site that have the most internal links pointing to them. Call Toll Free:888 601 5359 Privacy and Terms of Use Sitemap. Step 3: On the left hand side of the screen, click on the “Links” option. You must avoid low quality irrelevant links from domains that don’t bring any value. A convenient interface and fast support service will make the work even more comfortable. 00/ month cancel anytime. Sometimes they never find a link, and sometimes it can take them days, weeks, or even months for a link you know about to show up in their index. However, the platform gets mixed reviews when it comes to usability; some feedback suggests the platform tries to include too much and certain features lack as a result, navigation is overwhelming, and most teams don’t understand how to use it to its fullest potential. You can however improve it even when you show limited results. However, if you are ready to take the risk, then I highly recommend trying it out.

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Plus, it updates the rankings daily, while Monitor Backlinks updates weekly. As one of the leading backlink analysis tools, the Moz Link explorer tool allows you to see which websites link to your site and it ranks them based on their domain authority. The link monitoring dashboard is the heart of our SEO backlink monitor. Our team historically used it exclusively for Detox but now it is our GoTo product for prospecting. Not sure what sites are applying your backlinks. This tool is your ticket to uncover the web of links pointing to your virtual door. If you need to know the details about backlinks for your site, then go and check out RankSignals. Companies can use these metrics to check the progress of their own link building efforts, or to decide which websites to build links on.


This tool can provide you with all the social sharing and link metrics you need to build out your overall content inventory. Importing this file into Google’s Disavow Tool takes only a few clicks. Agency Analytics also offers custom enterprise pricing. Get a quick overview of your sites load speed, and uptime with built in automation tools. It should be a painless, autopilot process. However, it’s still worth monitoring these types of backlinks in your portfolio. By focusing on high quality backlinks, you can improve your website’s authority and search engine rankings. How do you get the most of your backlink campaign and know what your backlinks are telling you. 12+ Things You MUST DO Before Changing WordPress Themes. Now you will see detailed statistics of the site that contains its Ahrefs rank, domain rating, backlinks, referring domains, etc. I’m in the same boat: I use Ahrefs most of the time but Moz’s new Site Explorer seems super legit.


With Link Explorer, you can obtain an in depth link profile analysis of your website, allowing you to compare it with the profiles of up to 4 competitors. If you are signing up for the first time, you get 10 free requests. Even though their link index isn’t quite as fresh as Moz or Ahrefs, SEMrush’s Link Building Tool is much more feature rich than anything else on the market. Treating your site’s backlinks with the utmost importance they deserve starts with having an idea of what your backlink profile looks like. Why exactly should you put a lot of time and energy into the monitoring of backlinks. The comment links were good 8 10 years ago, not anymore. Great content is super important, of course, but it’s hard to move the needle with the content alone. This tool allows you to see the keywords that you or your competitors rank for and follow changes in your link building profile over time. You can say goodbye to spreadsheet analysis and presentations for your management or clients. However, I couldn’t find any up to date data on which tool found the most links. The Link Manager lets you find, store, and organize link building opportunities. What’s more, it is one of the few backlink analysis tools to use AI and machine learning to identify unnatural links.

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Create, edit, customize, and share visual sitemaps integrated with Google Analytics for easy discovery, planning, and collaboration. Or check a competitor’s website backlinks. That’s why monitoring backlinks is essential. Tracking multiple websites at the same time. 7 trillion regularly updated backlinks. Software opens people up to introducing links that they have constructed. I am not sure so I ask. Looking to enhance your backlink profile management. Connect SEO efforts to measurable KPIs from rankings to site conversions with the only interactive, real time SEO analytics platform. Ultimately, the best backlink checker for you will depend on your unique needs and priorities. Good for: influencer outreach.

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If you are penalized by Google; it comes up with exact percentage of anchor text place on the website. The best part of Monitor Backlinks is its usability and user interface that gives you all the important data clean and without any obstacles. By using Linkody, you can effectively monitor and manage your backlinks, leading to improved search rankings and increased organic traffic. We wanted to create meaningful software, without frustration, and without compromise. Are there any other expert tips you would like to share. Instead of filtering out spam, they decided to base Authority Score partly based on how much search engine traffic a site gets. Link Explorer provides detailed information on the domain authority and page authority of your website and your competitors’ websites. Users of this link building tool for SEO get 3 months free if paid annually.